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Keeping Late Hours Oberon Press
Keeping Late Hours cover

For years David Helwig has been sending poems to friends, as New Year's presents, from his home in Prince Edward Island. Now these poems can be enjoyed by a wider public. The subjects extend from the game of golf to meditations on the present and the deep past. A series of sonnets deals with the death of a close friend. David Helwig's sharp eye brings great cities before us as well as the day-to-day landscape of maritime Canada.

“In the elegance and stillness of ‘Keeping Late Hours,’ David Helwig offers time as navigator to memory and anticipation. Each observation is an exquisite snapshot of a moment, a place, a person, rendered in deep, clear language. These poems mark time's passage hourly, daily, yearly, suspending it just long enough for us to recognize that, ‘Beauty's afoot, the universe in disguise/ ’ (The Hours) . . .an arresting and ambitious addition to an extraordinary body of work.” —Citation for the poetry winner of the PEI Book Award, May 2016

Clyde cover

“Clyde ... is representative of an enigmatic generation of Canadians who ... came of age after the Second World war ... This is a memory novel ... an entertaining and fast read ... Clyde is a character study, a rake's progress of sorts, and on those terms it succeeds.” —Quill and Quire

About Love cover

Contemporary Canadian Poetry, Volume 7.

"David Helwig has written two-handed poetry: a lyrical seasonal record appears in series with a strange, discomfiting, valedictory narrative. The seasonal record is short and tight, the odd narrative explosive in subject and in emotion. Helwig has already found acclaim as a poet but this book will surprise his devoted readers and should attract new ones."
-- from the publisher

About Love Biblioasis
About Love cover

About Love contains the only group of connected stories that Anton Chekhov published. The three stories were written in the summer of 1898, after a winter spent in the south of France. Translated by David Helwig and illustrated by Seth, they provide an attractive and convenient introduction to his work.

“About Love: Three Stories by Anton Chekhov" is the year's most beautifully designed work of fiction with its cover artwork and illustrations by Seth and careful attention to typography. The most impressive thing about this volume, though, is David Helwig's fresh translation of these linked stories by Anton Chekhov.” —largeheartedboy.com; with links to music selections suggested by the text

Simon Says Oberon Press
Simon Says cover

The seven stories in Simon Says offer an elliptical but probing look at a series of moments in the life of Simon McAlmond. The stories are all written entirely in dialogue. The reader is invited to listen in and to fill the gaps in the narrative, becoming acquainted with the characters in an indirect but telling way.

“seven linked stories ... a portrait of a man of great talent and great (perhaps greater) failings ... thoroughly entertaining ... a triumph.” --Ian Colford, Fiddlehead.

The Essential Tom Marshall Porcupine's Quill
___ cover

This new collection in the Porcupine's Quill Essential Poets Series is co-edited by Tom Marshall's friends David Helwig and Michael Ondaatje. These poems restore Tom Marshall to his rightful place in the Canadian canon. Elegant and probing, they reveal his distinctive voice, his shrewd irony, his daring intensity, his preoccupation with mortality and the enduring power of myth.

"Marshall was a prominent member of the literary scene in Kingston, Ontario, and this book provides evidence why. There are many genuine delights in this work."
--Quill & Quire

Available from the publisher as an ebook at $4.99; click here.

Killing McGee Oberon Press
Killing McGee cover

In the dark at the end of winter, a shot is heard. A famous public figure lies dead. The murder haunts a Canadian historian as he reflects on the ruinous state of his own life. Only fierce honesty and a wry sense of humour keep him going. A beautiful student vanishes. Snow and cold threaten. But he finds that he can reinvent history and perhaps his own life. David Helwig has written a superbly lovely story, a tale touched by beauty in a world otherwise driven by cold and darkness.

"Helwig has a marvellous comedic aptitude for description"
--Quill & Quire

Mystery Stories Porcupine's Quill
Mystery Stories cover

"Stories that display his considerable talent for characterization and wry inventiveness . . . as strong and substantial as anything anyone in Canada is writing today."
--Winnipeg Free Press

Available from the publisher as an ebook at $4.99; click here.

The Sway of Otherwise Oberon Press
The Sway of Otherwise cover

Graceful and vigorous poems . . . Buy Helwig's The Sway of Otherwise and enjoy the work of an accomplished and mature poet." -- Journal of Canadian Poetry

"The Sway of Otherwise is a wonderful collection. These are beautiful poems: spare, elegant and intelligent, they are so well-worked that their sway looks effortless." -- Dalhousie Review

"What I liked about this collection is the way sound complements meaning, as well as the accessibility of his style (there are poems here that anyone can read and enjoy)." -- The Overdecorated Bookcase

"Through a deft, quiet use of form, Helwig aims for that which eludes form; that moves beyond view, shapeless and attending only to itself . . . Helwig uses form, more often than not, to its best advantage, focusing on what lies beyond, behind, between the words of the poem. He knows, also, to break form when required, when the sensory details need to squirm away in sudden, unexpected, or energetic ways. This is when The Sway of Otherwise is at its most masterful." -- Laurie D. Graham, The Malahat Review

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